Tuesday, September 6, 2011

sony ericson J10i- finally I got it!!

When I was studying in secondary school, it is very hard for me to use handphone because my parents does not allow their children using phone while studying.huhu..  But, I got secondhand phone from Motorola brand from my brother when I was in form 4.  

OMG, finally my parents allows me to use phone because they know my academic on that time is ibn stable conditions. They put their trust on me..hehe,, In December 2009, I had decided to buy a cheap phone which is Nokia 2100 with price only RM95 on that time,,  ohh,I felt so relieved when I got my own phone. 

 I  collect the money from my saving when I work as a teacher after SPMfor several months before. I also got RM200 from my special friend because he has promise to support money to buy new phone..haha.. On that time, the actual price of that phone is above RM600, but I got only RM500 because I bought it from my friend who work there.  I like this type of phone because it have many functions such as bluetooth, wireless, 3G, and many more. It also provide many features such as:

  • SenseMe, Track ID
  • HD Voice ready
  • MP3/eAAC+/WAV player
  • Google Maps
  • YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter applications
  • Picture editor/blogging
  • Walkmate, CO2 Calculator
  • Widget Manager
  • Tracker
  • Wisepot
  • Neo Reader
Actually, there have a lot of functions more but I not mention here.  This type of phone is affordable to anyone who want it because it provide many functions and features.  This type of keypad is flat and rectangular, that easier to user to type.  I also always used the wireless, if I went to any place that have internet connections and this enable to me to check my email, Facebook, or any current information that I want. As a university student, I must always alert with current issues, so by this wifi, I can find any current information.

 I also used 3G connections if there have a line 3G on that place.  I call my parents and siblings if I miss them by see their face because this type of phone provide 5megapixel of camera, easier for me to see their face with clear.. =) 

Monday, September 5, 2011

lappy as a present!!!!

Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q885 Laptop
I want to share when I got my new lappy. Before the day I got my new laptop, my father actually had promised to me when I got good result in SPM, he will buy me a laptop.  So, this is very surprised when what he want finally become true. I also not believe with what I got, OMG!!!, I felt so happy and grateful. It is not easier to buy a laptop because t is not a cheap thing.

 On 19 March 2010, my father gave me one of Toshiba model for me. The model is Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q885 Laptop. I very appreciate his gift and this is very meaningful to me. Actually, I don’t really know how to use the laptop, just a little bit. So, I decided to learn wisely with my sister and brother.  Very grateful because I got very kind and nice siblings.  They show me many things about the laptop..=)

 Alhamdulillah, now it is more easier to me to use this laptop because laptop is very famous technology nowadays. I know that laptop is important thing to have nowadays.  And I not very surprised when I enter to university, most of students here already have their own laptop. 

When I have my own laptop, I believe this can make me easier to me to do any assignment, and I find many programmers in laptop I use such as Microsoft word, Microsoft power point, Microsoft excel, Microsoft access, and so on. For methis programmer is very important to me because it easily to me do my assignment. Microsoft word is very useful because it can help us to do work such as write a letter, article, thesis, and other work. I starting use this Microsoft word in secondary school when in form 1,I had learn in school about how to do a letter.

microsoft excel
I am starting using Microsoft power point when my teacher in secondary school ask me with my friends to do presentation about the subject we had learned.  From this, I learn many things.  It also help me when my coursework need to me do presentation about my coursework topic. So it easily to me present and it makes my classmates and my lecturer easy to understand what I am present.

Microsoft excel are very useful to me. It is because it helps me to do difficult work especially in mathematics coursework. It can help me to do data and it makes me easily to present my work data in graph like graph bar, pie chart, bar chart, and so on. So, it can save our time and our coursework can finished earlier. Then it is also make our work smart and had good qualities.  I am starting know in more detail about this when I learn csc subject in class. Before this, I just only know about the Microsoft excel but I don't know how to used the function there. Now, I can use this Microsoft Excel in good way because I know how to used it now.

microsoft excess
Microsoft access also is a new thing to me and also important to me because it helps me when I wanted to do advertisement or fliers. So, I can use this programmer when I want promote something or to announce something to other people. 

I love my lappy very much because it is a meaningful present to me from my lovely father. Thank you very much daddy. I will keep it nicely.  =)

when I using social site,,

Nowadays, Information communication technology (ICT) is very useful to us especially for students and worker. But other person also can uses this facility to easily them find the information and help them to do their work.  Internet is the one way to communicate with people by using the modern technology now. 

When we uses internet we can communicate with other person by using social site like E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, Blog and so on. So it makes easily if we want communicate with other person. Student usually using internet to find information, playing game and surfing social site.

   yahoo messenger

E-mail is a social site to people connected with other people. People can connected with other people like their family, friends, and so on.

I am starting using email when I am in form5. I made an account of email because my friends ask me to do account of Facebook. So start from that I using an email as an effective way to contact with my friends. 

Facebook are famous social site to people connected with other people. So, we can communicate with the other people at anytime through Facebook. I used Facebook to find my older friend that difficult to contact and 'long time no see' or already missing.  By Facebook, easier to me to find my childhood friends.  I also used Facebook as a way to invite my friends during my brother’s wedding last year. Through Facebook also, we can make our relationship with more tight.

Another social site that I have is blog.  From blog, I share my story and feels in this blog.  I can write anything that I like in my blog.  Now, using this blog, I am almost trying to make some interesting to my blog.  I am willing to do my own recipe here soon. By doing this, I can share my recipe to others who are follow me. So, I hope it can make my followers like to read my blog. Hehe. =)

I also always used Yahoo messenger (YM) to chatting with my friends and relatives. YM provide video chatting, so I can see other people face without any cost and movement. If I miss my parents or my naughty younger brother, I will use video chatting to release my stress and miss to him.  Hehe.. This way is suitable for whom that live far from their beloved people. So, for me this social site are very important to our life because it’s easily to we communicate with other people at any time.

For me, all these social sites are very important to me because it give us many benefit if we use it nicely right?So, it depends on that person on how they manage their social sites as a technology to them. =)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Menghitung hari untuk beraya~

Alangkah sonoknye tgk kawan2 yg da pulang ke rumah., ~cuti utk braye akhirnya telah tiba~., h0ho..tp, jgn lupe blek je sni akn menanti keje yg banyak perlu dsetelkn., huhu..dan yg paling penting ialah, final exam s0on..h0ho, raye2 jgak, tp esainment dan exam jgn lupe., pagi2 yg hening ni tibe2 tringat plak kt ibu bpk kt uma..agknya mereka sdg buat apa skrg kn?em, nantiknla kpulangan anakmu ini..huhu
'maka bergembirala gol0ngan yg brpuasa dgn adanya hari kemenangan iaitu aid mubarak, tapi bermulalah kembali azab kubur bagi mereka yg telah tiada, lalu menangislah mereka'., raye2 jgak, tp kite jgn lupe pd yg telah tiada..=)

Monday, August 15, 2011

baru blaja godek2 wat blog hehe

walau xtau pe nak post, tp tringin gak ase nak coret2 kt sini..hehe,, alhamdulillah, akhirnye aku berjaya gak wat blog ni.. hasil godek2 pe ntah, inilah hasilnye,, hehe.. tp lau x dek kerana eseiment ni, memang x terpikir jgak nak wat blog ni.. bgus jgak la ade subjek ni, leh jgak blaja wat blog,, very awesome and quite interesting,, hehehe =)