Tuesday, September 6, 2011

sony ericson J10i- finally I got it!!

When I was studying in secondary school, it is very hard for me to use handphone because my parents does not allow their children using phone while studying.huhu..  But, I got secondhand phone from Motorola brand from my brother when I was in form 4.  

OMG, finally my parents allows me to use phone because they know my academic on that time is ibn stable conditions. They put their trust on me..hehe,, In December 2009, I had decided to buy a cheap phone which is Nokia 2100 with price only RM95 on that time,,  ohh,I felt so relieved when I got my own phone. 

 I  collect the money from my saving when I work as a teacher after SPMfor several months before. I also got RM200 from my special friend because he has promise to support money to buy new phone..haha.. On that time, the actual price of that phone is above RM600, but I got only RM500 because I bought it from my friend who work there.  I like this type of phone because it have many functions such as bluetooth, wireless, 3G, and many more. It also provide many features such as:

  • SenseMe, Track ID
  • HD Voice ready
  • MP3/eAAC+/WAV player
  • Google Maps
  • YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter applications
  • Picture editor/blogging
  • Walkmate, CO2 Calculator
  • Widget Manager
  • Tracker
  • Wisepot
  • Neo Reader
Actually, there have a lot of functions more but I not mention here.  This type of phone is affordable to anyone who want it because it provide many functions and features.  This type of keypad is flat and rectangular, that easier to user to type.  I also always used the wireless, if I went to any place that have internet connections and this enable to me to check my email, Facebook, or any current information that I want. As a university student, I must always alert with current issues, so by this wifi, I can find any current information.

 I also used 3G connections if there have a line 3G on that place.  I call my parents and siblings if I miss them by see their face because this type of phone provide 5megapixel of camera, easier for me to see their face with clear.. =) 

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