Monday, September 5, 2011

when I using social site,,

Nowadays, Information communication technology (ICT) is very useful to us especially for students and worker. But other person also can uses this facility to easily them find the information and help them to do their work.  Internet is the one way to communicate with people by using the modern technology now. 

When we uses internet we can communicate with other person by using social site like E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, Blog and so on. So it makes easily if we want communicate with other person. Student usually using internet to find information, playing game and surfing social site.

   yahoo messenger

E-mail is a social site to people connected with other people. People can connected with other people like their family, friends, and so on.

I am starting using email when I am in form5. I made an account of email because my friends ask me to do account of Facebook. So start from that I using an email as an effective way to contact with my friends. 

Facebook are famous social site to people connected with other people. So, we can communicate with the other people at anytime through Facebook. I used Facebook to find my older friend that difficult to contact and 'long time no see' or already missing.  By Facebook, easier to me to find my childhood friends.  I also used Facebook as a way to invite my friends during my brother’s wedding last year. Through Facebook also, we can make our relationship with more tight.

Another social site that I have is blog.  From blog, I share my story and feels in this blog.  I can write anything that I like in my blog.  Now, using this blog, I am almost trying to make some interesting to my blog.  I am willing to do my own recipe here soon. By doing this, I can share my recipe to others who are follow me. So, I hope it can make my followers like to read my blog. Hehe. =)

I also always used Yahoo messenger (YM) to chatting with my friends and relatives. YM provide video chatting, so I can see other people face without any cost and movement. If I miss my parents or my naughty younger brother, I will use video chatting to release my stress and miss to him.  Hehe.. This way is suitable for whom that live far from their beloved people. So, for me this social site are very important to our life because it’s easily to we communicate with other people at any time.

For me, all these social sites are very important to me because it give us many benefit if we use it nicely right?So, it depends on that person on how they manage their social sites as a technology to them. =)

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