Monday, September 5, 2011

lappy as a present!!!!

Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q885 Laptop
I want to share when I got my new lappy. Before the day I got my new laptop, my father actually had promised to me when I got good result in SPM, he will buy me a laptop.  So, this is very surprised when what he want finally become true. I also not believe with what I got, OMG!!!, I felt so happy and grateful. It is not easier to buy a laptop because t is not a cheap thing.

 On 19 March 2010, my father gave me one of Toshiba model for me. The model is Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q885 Laptop. I very appreciate his gift and this is very meaningful to me. Actually, I don’t really know how to use the laptop, just a little bit. So, I decided to learn wisely with my sister and brother.  Very grateful because I got very kind and nice siblings.  They show me many things about the laptop..=)

 Alhamdulillah, now it is more easier to me to use this laptop because laptop is very famous technology nowadays. I know that laptop is important thing to have nowadays.  And I not very surprised when I enter to university, most of students here already have their own laptop. 

When I have my own laptop, I believe this can make me easier to me to do any assignment, and I find many programmers in laptop I use such as Microsoft word, Microsoft power point, Microsoft excel, Microsoft access, and so on. For methis programmer is very important to me because it easily to me do my assignment. Microsoft word is very useful because it can help us to do work such as write a letter, article, thesis, and other work. I starting use this Microsoft word in secondary school when in form 1,I had learn in school about how to do a letter.

microsoft excel
I am starting using Microsoft power point when my teacher in secondary school ask me with my friends to do presentation about the subject we had learned.  From this, I learn many things.  It also help me when my coursework need to me do presentation about my coursework topic. So it easily to me present and it makes my classmates and my lecturer easy to understand what I am present.

Microsoft excel are very useful to me. It is because it helps me to do difficult work especially in mathematics coursework. It can help me to do data and it makes me easily to present my work data in graph like graph bar, pie chart, bar chart, and so on. So, it can save our time and our coursework can finished earlier. Then it is also make our work smart and had good qualities.  I am starting know in more detail about this when I learn csc subject in class. Before this, I just only know about the Microsoft excel but I don't know how to used the function there. Now, I can use this Microsoft Excel in good way because I know how to used it now.

microsoft excess
Microsoft access also is a new thing to me and also important to me because it helps me when I wanted to do advertisement or fliers. So, I can use this programmer when I want promote something or to announce something to other people. 

I love my lappy very much because it is a meaningful present to me from my lovely father. Thank you very much daddy. I will keep it nicely.  =)

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